Bobs the Poo Ahh I mean #Shihpoo

IMG_4691Butter wouldn’t melt I can here you all say, how wrong you are this cute bundle of fluff completely rules the roost..

Walkies Bobs I call, oh yes he’s excited his tail turns into a propeller at a 100 miles per hour, lead on, hat on, ‘yes he likes his hats’,  and were ready for the off.

Few yards, our first stop, lamppost stop that is, bearing in mind Bobs  has to lift his leg up every lamppost in the village, try to pull him he turns into some form of Sumo dog front feet firmly planted he may be little but boy he’s a stubborn dude.

Then theres the meeting of other dogs doesn’t matter what they are Bobs is their best friend what he doesn’t get is most just want to eat him alive,.

We manage to get half way up the lane not even half a mile i feel the extendable lead go tight behind me and as expected on turning round my dudes sat down in the middle of the road, refusing to go any further, this for Bobs is a common scenario lazy pooch, I can do one of two things ring for a lift back or carry him, no guesses what I do..!!!!! Finally make it home to put Bobs down and him take of at 1000 miles per hour round the house over the Beds out the back door few spins round the garden to finally plant himself under my daughters bed, refusing to come out for anything.  As if i carried him, need MUG tattooing across my forehead god dam Shihpoo, not what id call him The h would e replaced for a t…fullsizeoutput_6353.jpeg

Would we be without him would we heck as life.. We will be back watch this space.



Life with a water-brain ‘hydrocephalus’ and waggy tailed Bobs

Life’s a strange thing, sometimes runs along like a slow steam train but the other days it can pick up speed like a Ferrari on a race track. Life at the minutes speeding to fast for my delightful Hydro ‘Hydrocephalus head, water brain’ or what ever else I want to call it to keep up with. That’s another thing dam my head I’m sure it hates me at times other times it just puts up with me.

I have workman in, now some may say lucky me but my head shouts get out I need my personal space back. Oh joys, the mess..! now that takes it to the next screaming level, my ‘bungs’ pet name for my  bungalow which is resembling a million piece jigsaw puzzle just hoping these aliens in my house can piece it all back together again, ha bit like humptey dumptey. I’m feeling quite smug actually, we all no how much tea and coffee these aliens can down, well not here I don’t drink it so don’t make it.. not your normal on tap 5 * bungs. 

Bobs, now bobs is our family hooligan he’s nuts totally and utterly, gets away with it as he’s cute and fluffy, Bobs is a Shihpoo not what we call him as he has a habit of leaving parcels for us, so then becomes our Shitpoo.. but never the less he makes us laugh he’s more human than most on this planet. Workman ‘aliens, house invaders, imposters’ what ever else I name them Bob just needs to be in with them being his usually tail wagging pain in the butt. I forgot to say don’t use a tape measure near Bob oh boy does he hate them, goes from a cute fluffy waggy tail into a grizzly bear ready to attack, Oh I may not of told these aliens on purpose so amusing watching them turn white and shake in there oversize boots 😂😂😂 

Off  now but will be back with new escapades of life and my waterbrain and saggy tailed Shihpoo Bob.